Airsoft is a really great event for anyone looking for an adrenaline pumping event. Airsoft is similar to paintball but all of the hit and none of the mess!

It’s perfect for a stag weekend or for a teenage birthday party!

Because of the nature of Airsoft, sadly we are not able to bring this activity to you, but what we can do is offer several locations around Scotland where we can operate from!

The sites we currently operate from are:
Crieff – 20 minutes from Perth, Scotland
Cumbernauld – 30 minutes from Glasgow/Edinburgh, Scotland
Boreland Loch Tay – 20 minutes from Aberfeldy

Anyone aged 11 and up is able to play Airsoft with us and experience this fast-paced sport.

For more details about Airsoft, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Airsoft packages start from Β£200. We offer full day, half day or hourly rates too! Contact us to work out what suits your needs best!
With our airsoft packages you must travel to one of our sites.
Currently we are operating out of two sites –
Crieff – 30 mins from Perth
Cumbernauld – 20 mins from Glasgow
Boreland Loch TayΒ – 20 mins from Aberfeldy

"Excellent party for my 9 year old. The kids had an absolute blast, the adults hardly had to do a thing!!! Alex had it all completely under control. Highly recommend!!"Β 

Nerf Wars

"Alex stepped in when we were let down by a venue closing. Ten boys (12 years) had a great time charging about and shooting each other, and particularly enjoyed the tactics of the second game. Highly recommend, for any age! Thank you"Β 

"Thanks Alex for the brilliant Nerf Wars party Ross (9) and all of the kids had an excellent time - and so did me and Granny. A great party format that I would recommend to everyone."

"Thanks Alex for a truly memorable party for my 6 year old. Ben had a ball, as did his friends and even the mums and dads enjoyed letting of some steam in the adults V kids battle at the end! Highly recommend you to everyone!"

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