Welcome to Activity Delivered

  • Christian

      Hey! I’m Christian and I head up the Events Delivered and Combat Archery Scotland side of the business! I absolutely love working for this company! One morning you are running combat archery for a stag group, in the afternoon you are running a Nerf party for 8 year olds and in the evening you are running a tipi cinema at someone’s wedding! No two days are the same!

      “Christian was professional, flexible, courteous and totally in control, but also really theatrical, energetic and fun.”   Hilary, East Lothian

    • Ashleigh

        Hi! My name is Ashleigh and I am currently in 4th year studying Festival and Events Management and working alongside Alex at Activity Delivered. I love working with young people as well as playing with Nerf guns and Zorbs so you could say it’s the perfect job! I am excited to be part of Activity Delivered as it continues to expand and help introduce new ideas!

        “ ‘Epic’ – according to kids! Our activity team Christian and Ashleigh, were excellent. They arrived promptly, got set up quickly, talked through any last minute details and they ran the whole party from start to finish. Kids were clear of game and safety rules and had a blast.”   Claire, Edinburgh

      • Ellen

          Hi, my name is Ellen and I am one of the interns here at Activity Delivered. I am currently in third year studying Festival and Event Management with Entrepreneurship at Edinburgh Napier University. I love working for Activity Delivered as you are always doing something different every weekend, whether it’s a nerf party, tipi cinema or an archery tag.

          “Activity Delivered just held a nerf gun party for our 7 year old boy and 20 of his friends. Somehow Ellen managed to keep them under control and held their attention for 90mins – well done and thank you! They all had a great time, happy to recommend.”  Aidan – Edinburgh

        • Johnny – Northern Ireland Team
            Johnny – Northern Ireland Team

            Hey! I am Johnny and I operate the Northern Ireland side of Activity Delivered. I have spent years leading youth groups here in Northern Ireland and love being a part of Activity Delivered and providing these incredible experiences for young people!

            “Jonny was great fun, happy to work with the number at the party and age range..spoke to the children really well kept the party flowing and all the children loved it”    Jordan, Northern Ireland

          Team Leader

          My name is Alex, the founder of Activity Delivered. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Youth Work and have spent four years working with young people and the local community in Edinburgh.
          After my position working with a local charity in high schools ran out of funding I looked to self fund myself while still engaging and working alongside young people to allow them to reach their full potential.
          We began with one sport – Airsoft, and we have quickly expanded to offer more than just that! We now have 5 activities we offer and work with all age groups allowing everyone to take part in our unique experiences.
          All our staff are involved in working with young people all over Scotland, providing support to struggling students, working along side young people from broken homes, helping assist them in gaining new skills and much more. Our goal is that by providing activities with us allows them to continue to give invaluable support to the young people of Scotland and soon the UK.
          Because of our amazing team of staff who all have years of experience working with young people, we know that the quality of our events are of the highest standard. The skills in communication you learn from working with young people are very easily translated into running events with adults too and we believe that it is our staff who make our activities as good as they are.
          Our activities are new, fresh and constantly evolving. We want to be on the cutting edge of developing and bringing new sports to Scotland.
          We are hugely invested in providing the very best customer service to our clients.
          We are excited to continue to be pushing the boundaries of new and exciting activities and leading the way in provides top class activities with a focus on a professional delivery to all of the UK.