5 Reasons to use Professional Childcare Services for your Wedding

5 Reasons to use Professional Childcare Services for your Wedding

Weddings are a time for celebration, relaxation and having fun! We’re not saying that children stop any of this from happening, but anyone with kids will agree that sometimes having to keep track of your children to make sure they’re not making a premature start on the cake can take away from the magic of a wedding day! Why not consider professional wedding childcare?

Wedding childcare services allow you to enjoy the best bits of a wedding and spend a memorable time with your family and friends without having to deal with the annoying aspects of keeping your kids under control at all times. Here’s five reasons why we 100% recommend childcare for your wedding.


For the parents’ sakes!

Adults love weddings, and why shouldn’t they? They’re a great chance to connect with family and friends you might not have seen for a long time, and to celebrate the union of special people in your life. Having a professional childcare service to take care of the children means the parents’ can be fully present and part of all the celebrations. There’ll be no more instances of panicked parents having to sprint off mid-conversation to stop a child downing a leftover glass of wine, or to keep them from choking on their own bowtie. With the help of a professional childcare service the adults can rest easy in the knowledge that the kids are having a great time under the watchful eye of someone who looks after children for a living!


For the children’s sake!

As mentioned, adults love weddings. Unfortunately, though, the same isn’t always the same for children. Weddings are often tailored towards adults – which is why they have such a great time – but often there isn’t enough to keep children entertained. If you’ve ever experienced a mischievous child at a wedding, have you considered that boredom could be the reason for their misbehaviour?

If you enlist the help of a wedding childcare service not only will the adults have a better, more stress-free time, but the kids will have a BLAST! A childcare service will bring fun activities, toys, and energy to the occasion, meaning kids can be entertained amongst themselves with the things kids love best, whilst the adults can get on with enjoying the wedding!


No need for a childfree wedding!

Childfree weddings are often something that people go for if they don’t want the hassle of young children throughout the day. Often this is done with the best intentions – it gives the adults some time away from the kids to relax and properly enjoy the wedding – but sometimes this can actually stop people from coming to weddings, reducing the number of people who can be there to join in with the celebrations. There are a whole host of reasons why parents might not want to leave their children whilst they go to a wedding; their children may be too young to be left, it might be hard to find a reliable babysitter, family and friends of the parents may be unable to look after the children whilst they’re at the wedding, and so on. So, by having professional childcare services at a wedding it means everyone can be there to enjoy the day, and parents won’t be preoccupied with their kids so can be fully present to join in the celebrations.


It’s not as expensive as you might think!

Sometimes the cost of childcare at a wedding might be off-putting, but it’s not as dear as you might have thought! Our wedding childcare packages start at just £200, and you can add additional services like a gaming tipi and nerf wars to make sure your wedding will stick in the kids’ memories as the best wedding ever!


For the Bride’s and Groom’s sakes!

If you’re getting married the chances are you’ve invited all your oldest, closest friends, and your family members from far and wide. It’s a rare occasion to see people you might rarely get the chance to catch up with, and certainly not at such special events as weddings where you want everyone to be able to celebrate together. If, then, some people you’ve invited are not able to be fully present in these celebrations because they’re constantly distracted by their children it can take away from the exuberant feeling.

With a professional wedding childcare service you can be sure that all those special people you’ve invited to share the day with won’t have their attention drawn by misbehaving children every few minutes. All the people you want to celebrate with will be able to join in to the max, and enjoy the occasion as much as you’d hoped they would!


If you want to have a great wedding childcare service for your special day, that gives the children as memorable an occasion as the adults, then get in touch to find out more about the range of packages we provide.

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