5 Things to Remember when Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

When it comes to planning a birthday party, there are a few things to consider to make sure that it is as perfect and stress free as possible!!

1. Timings

When it comes to choosing a time for your party, make sure that you have plenty of time to get out the invites!  Don’t put all the work in only to find out that half your guests cant come.  Choosing weekends around bank holidays isn’t a good idea either – a lot of families head off for short breaks and you will find that many can’t make it! Get planning 6 weeks in advance, get the invites out and make sure everyone can make it!

2. Location

Choosing a location can be key too!  It is best to get the party out of the house if you are inviting a lot of guests – the last thing you need is 24 6 year olds ruining your carpets or upsetting the dog…!  By shopping around you can easily find local halls that can cost as little as £15 an hour – worth contacting a few and getting the best deal! OR why not hold a garden party?  No hire cost, all the mess stays outside (hopefully) and super easy to back home after a crazy few hours of partying.

3. Who should you invite?

Inviting the whole class might seem the best idea at the beginning but make sure you have definitely decided this is the best option – more people means more mess, more food, more cost and more hassle!  A few friends might seem that the cost per head is a lot higher but think about how much hassle you are going to save…!

4. Food

The hardest part of a party can sometimes be choosing something that everyone is going to enjoy eating!  There is two routes – simple or complex.  Some parents like to create crazy extravagant food sculptures with cocktail sausages built into the most lifelike sausage dog masterpiece you have ever seen. Some just order pizza!  Whatever your fancy, make sure you have something that everyone is going to like, and that fits the budget too!

5. Entertainment

Maybe the most important part of the party is what are the kids going to do for an hour and a half.  We love seeing the creative parties that some parents have done in the past like recreating spaceships in their living rooms.  It takes a special kid of skill to herd a bunch of cake high, crazy 7 year olds though.  Some trending parties just now are our Nerf Parties – all kids love Nerf, so why not have a team come in and take over a Nerf Wars for you, allowing you to sit and back and watch or get stuck in without the hassle of organising it.


Looking for that cute garden party?  Have you seen our Tipi Cinemas? – Get all the kids out the house and into the garden with their favourite film, creating a magical space that you can keep overnight too!

When it comes to planning that party, make sure it is the ‘Talk of the Class’ with these simple tips!

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