Bespoke Children’s Parties

Unforgettable children’s parties and events delivered all over Scotland.

Activity Delivered now offers bespoke birthday parties tailored to your individual needs; completely personalised with the option of including one or more of our existing products. We provide individual planning sessions in order to bring your ideas to life guaranteeing that your party is completely unique.  Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your birthday party is a huge success. This exclusive service is available from £1,000 per party.

What do our customers say?

"Excellent party for my 9 year old. The kids had an absolute blast, the adults hardly had to do a thing!!! Alex had it all completely under control. Highly recommend!!" 

Nerf Wars

"Alex stepped in when we were let down by a venue closing. Ten boys (12 years) had a great time charging about and shooting each other, and particularly enjoyed the tactics of the second game. Highly recommend, for any age! Thank you" 

"Thanks Alex for the brilliant Nerf Wars party Ross (9) and all of the kids had an excellent time - and so did me and Granny. A great party format that I would recommend to everyone."

“Thanks Alex for a truly memorable party for my 6 year old. Ben had a ball, as did his friends and even the mums and dads enjoyed letting of some steam in the adults V kids battle at the end! Highly recommend you to everyone!”