About Combat Archery

Archery Tag© consists of two teams, firing our specially designed, non-lethal arrows at one another to get the other team out. You win by hitting small targets on the opposition’s side and knocking the whole team out.

We have a load of different games to play to keep things moving! With our incredible official Archery Tag© equipment which includes amazing inflatable barriers, make sure to only play with the best!

We can play Archery Tag© on a wide range of different surfaces including grass or astro turf, and also inside in a sports hall. The flexibility of the sport allows us to really bring our equipment anywhere in the UK.

Individual Packages

90 minute session for a minimum of 10 players
£25 per person + £50 venue hire

Head to our locations page to find our venues or we can come to you!

Group bookings

90 minute session for up to 20 players
£500 (venue hire included)
90 minute session for up to 40 players
£800 (venue hire included)

Our goal is to bring the thrill of Combat Archery to the whole of Scotland