What you can expect at our Nerf Parties!

What you can expect at our Nerf Party!

Hey! It Ashleigh here. I thought it would be good to write this wee blog about what you can expect when you book a Nerf party with us. I will take you through every part of the process, from initial email to the party taking place! 

Enquiry Stage

When you first enquire with us, you will be send an email which includes all of the key information, length of party, prices etc. After this, your first port of call is finding a hall to hold the party in. We understand that it can sometimes be tricky to find a hall. Because of this we are super flexible. You can either pay your deposit and hold a date until you have found a hall available or you can wait until the hall is booked and then pay. If you do the first option but find your hall is not available on your preferred date, just let us know and we can look at what other dates we have available. We will always find space to fit you in! (You can pay your deposit HERE)

All Booked In

Once you have paid the deposit and sent across all the party information, then your nerf party is all booked with us! You can now sit back and relax and wait for our pre-event email. This will normally be sent around 1-2 weeks before the party. This email will include all the details you’ve sent us (just to confirm we’ve got them all correct), as well as asking for final numbers, any bolt-ons etc. If the children attending the party are over 7 years old, we do advise upgrading to our mega guns at this stage to ensure the best party experience! Within this email we will also provide you with the name and number of the person who will be running your party. Feel free to call them if you have any questions/problems on the day.  You can also look at our bolt ons at this point too – we have a few different options for our bolts ons to save you hassle, you increase the fun – you can find them HERE.

On the Day

Finally the big day has arrived! You have managed to get all the RSVPs back in without any invitations getting lost at the bottom of school bags and it’s time to party! Your designated Activity Delivered team member will arrive at your venue roughly 20 mins before to ensure plenty of time for set up. We will have asked you in advance the accessibility for the hall as this allows us to plan prior to the party if we need to leave extra time for set up. 

Once everything is up and ready to go, your party runner, will chat with you about how the party is going to run so that you can plan breaks, food etc. Then it’s party time!!

Safety Brief

Our team member will tend to wait until everyone has arrived even if this is a bit later than the intended start time. This is due to the fact that we take the kids through a safety briefing at the beginning and we need to ensure everyone is aware of the rules to keep them safe. After this, the guns and glasses will be handed out. During this time we try and keep everyone seated to ensure no running around before the games start. 

The Games!

To run our games we will split the party into two groups. Your party leader will do this to ensure fairness and no one feeling left out in the picking of teams. The fun can then begin! We keep the games quite simple towards the start as we are aware that some of the kids may not have used a nerf gun before and so we want them to get the feel of it. We will then run a number of different games for the first half. As we want the kids to have as much game time as possible, we will never actually put anyone out of the game, we just ask them to die when they get hit and then their team mates can get them back in the game by giving them a high five or more than one in some games.

Our team also never join in on the games, we shout, encourage and cheer from the sidelines while guiding them through – we have found (after running over 1000 parties) if we do join in, we end up becoming a target and it is much more difficult to lead the kids well from game to game! Don’t worry though, we are still really engaged with each game, making sure that everyone is having loads of fun!

The Break

Around 40/50 mins into the party we will stop for a break. By this time the kids are usually getting tired and quite sweaty so are in need of a big drink. We ask that at this point you don’t provide food as if kids start running around after the break with their tummy’s full, they can start feeling sick or even worse! A bottle of water will work great at this stage! The break normally lasts around 10 minutes, allowing the kids 

More Games!

After the break, we will then start into a new game! This will roughly last for another 25/30 minutes before we start to tidy up. We’re a bit sneaky when it comes to tidying up and use a game to encourage the kids to lift the bullets. The first team to pick up the most bullets gets extra points – It always works a treat! Once they are all lifted, we will say our goodbyes and then you are free to do food (if you wish) or just send all the kids home. 

After the Nerf Party

After the party, most parents choose to then host snacks/lunch! Make sure you have plenty of juice/water available for them! During this time, our team will be packing up equipment and likely getting ready to run their next party after yours so they will make sure to say bye to the birthday child and then be on their way!

If you are still left with questions about our Nerf Party, please feel free to drop us a wee email and we’ll be able to answer any other questions that you have! 


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