Hoverboard Parties in Scotland

We are so excited about our

Hoverboard Parties!

After several months of refining and tweaking our Hoverboard parties are ready to go.  We are the first in Scotland to be launching these parties and we couldn’t be more excited.

We have got the coolest helmets from our friends over at BikeCraft, along with all the newest and latest safety equipment too.

At the core of everything we do we want kids to have fun!  We want to create ideas and activities that leave kids smiling from ear to ear.  When we sit in our office and think of the next greatest party idea, sometimes we come up with the silliest ideas but eventually one sticks – just like the hoverboards.  We have worked hard on making sure that kids who have been on them for years or never been on them can come away both having had a great experience.

With plenty to keep them entertained, it is a party that will be the talk of the class!

If you are interested in getting booked in, drop us a wee email and we would love to sort you out!


Check out our Activities page for more info about what else we can offer.

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