Hoverboard Parties

The coolest birthday party of 2018 is here – Hoverboard Parties.

Take walking to the next level!  Our hoverboard parties are the first in Scotland offering your child and their friends all the fun and experience of zooming around on a hoverboard, but in a safe, controlled environment.

Our parties are perfect for those who have been on hoverboards for hours or never even seen one before.  Our hour and a half long parties start with a safety talk, basic tuition, free riding and then some team games!  Each party is tailored to the level of those hovering so we can easily adjust to suit our guests.

As for safety, we have ensured the very best equipment.  They are UK tested with Samsung approved batteries.  Every guest will be fully equipped with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and we also have a foam floor we will bring for those starting out on the boards for the first time.  This ensures that if there is a bump, it’s softer than a gym hall floor.

The kind of space we require is preferably a gym hall- local church and community halls can work too but need a flat smooth surface to ride on.  The boards do not damage or leave any marks on the floors.

For more details about Hoverboard parties, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Hoverboard packages start from £250.

We have different packages from Birthday Packages to Youth Group Packages so drop us an email and let us know your requirements.

Check out our Venue Map HERE
Got a hall in mind?  Let us know – we love using new venues!

Nerf Wars

"Excellent party for my 9 year old. The kids had an absolute blast, the adults hardly had to do a thing!!! Alex had it all completely under control. Highly recommend!!" 

Rebecca Hamilton
Rebecca HamiltonEdinburgh

Nerf Wars

"Alex stepped in when we were let down by a venue closing. Ten boys (12 years) had a great time charging about and shooting each other, and particularly enjoyed the tactics of the second game. Highly recommend, for any age! Thank you" 

Angie Jack
Angie JackEdinburgh

Nerf Wars

"Thanks Alex for the brilliant Nerf Wars party Ross (9) and all of the kids had an excellent time - and so did me and Granny. A great party format that I would recommend to everyone."

Vaila Smith
Vaila SmithEdinburgh

Nerf Wars

“Thanks Alex for a truly memorable party for my 6 year old. Ben had a ball, as did his friends and even the mums and dads enjoyed letting of some steam in the adults V kids battle at the end! Highly recommend you to everyone!”

Tessa Jones
Tessa JonesEdinburgh