Keep Calm and Carry On Wedding Planning!

I just wanted to write this blog to all the bride and grooms that have been affected by Covid 19 and have had to postpone their weddings.

I am also in your shoes and have had to call my wedding off from June 2020 and move it to July 2021.

I know the emotional rollercoaster you have been through. From denial that your wedding in a few months isn’t going to be affected by this virus, which quickly turns to ‘oh flip, this virus is going to be around longer than we thought’. I actually think having our wedding in June left us in a very fortunate position as we were in the first wave of weddings to be postponed and so had more dates available for us to change too. However that still doesn’t really make up for that gut wrenching feeling of ‘I’m not going to get my fairy tale wedding’. Now a few weeks on, I have come to terms with the fact that my wedding will not be taking place in 3 months and can now focus on the positives of having our wedding moved a year later.

A Wife in Days
The biggest plus for postponing our wedding is, that now instead of getting legally married in June, we are planning to say our vows as soon as the wedding ban has been lifted. So instead of becoming a wife in 3 months, I could potentially be one in the next month – crazy thought! Even better, we may even get to have our small ceremony of 5 people on a beach which has always been my dream! One of the most important things coming out of this whole difficult situation is that love conquers all and isolation is just emphasising how important friends and family really are.

Venue Wins
The other plus to the postponing is that a few things that weren’t going to be ready in time for our wedding will now be in place by the time of our 2021 wedding. For example, our venue had an orangery for our drinks reception which wouldn’t have been done by 2020 but now in 2021, we will be able to make full use of it.

We also now have more of a budget to work with as we will have had time to save up more money. We bought a house about three months ago so trying to save for a house, furniture and a wedding has been an interesting venture so now we can fully focus on the house and put more aside for the wedding at a later date.

The Story
I think really my favourite part of this whole situation is the story that will come out of it. Imagine in years to come telling your kids that you had to elope on a beach in the middle of a lockdown. I mean, come on, it sounds pretty romantic doesn’t it? And think of the celebrations that will happen once we’re out of lockdown – parties, parties and more parties! So much to celebrate and people appreciating life so much more.

So I guess, what I want to finish with is this is a horrible situation for so many.  People are losing their lives and the NHS is at breaking point. And it sucks that our weddings are being postponed and cancelled, but be thankful that you are safe, and well and alive.

For the sake of moving forward we must focus on the positives.

We will get through this and you can guarantee that your postponed wedding party will be the best that you will ever have!
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