Join the Party! 

From the very start of Activity Delivered we realised we had something special – and now we want to share that with as many kids as we can.

Join the growing team at Activity Delivered and become a licencee.

Our Licences.

How does it all work?

We have two options when it comes to operating our parties –

1. Purchase
The first is to simply purchase the equipment and walk away. We give you all the equipment you would need and all the know how on how to operate it – you buy it and we leave you to it with no business building support – this option is perfect for established businesses that are already in their mojo.

This has an upfront cost and no monthly fees.

2. Licence
The licence opens you up to a world of everything you need to make your new venture a success. Not only do you get all the equipment and the manuals but you get full support from the team at AD to help grow your business.

There is so much that we help with but in short, we will give you ALL the tools to get your business up and running, similar to a franchise – instruction on marketing, branding, 1-2-1 meetings weekly, website, social media marketing – the list goes on and on. Everything you need to build your business into a full time occupation. This can be a little complicated to fully understand so please, if you are interested in the option, set up a call with our team and they would be delighted to talk you through it.

This has a reduced upfront cost and monthly fees.

What is an AD Licence??

The Activity

You purchase one of our tried and tested activities – with it comes everything you need right down to the brush to sweep it out or the extension cables to power it.

The Know-How

All the handbooks and guidance you would need to run a party tomorrow, as well as help with marketing, handbooks to give to parents and a day of training to give you the full insight on how to go about setting up, running, taking down and maintaining your equipment.

The Community

Weekly updates, a team of people in the same business, updated operations manuals and the chance to learn and grow your business skills.


Looks easy enough, what am I buying?

We understand that from the outside, the idea of running a little birthday party business at the weekend sounds like a fun adventure, and it is, once you know what you are doing.  The first few months can be hard and very costly.  The biggest thing you are buying from us is KNOWLEDGE – the know-how on how to do everything right on DAY 1, the equipment is just a bonus ?

Why wouldn't I just buy it from Amazon?

Our equipment isn’t rocket science, and you are right – you can get most of it on Amazon.  The key is knowing WHAT to get, HOW to operate it, and WHY that specific lantern, box, light, tube or rug works.  We have tried almost everything out there and have refined it to the very exact pieces for a reason. And that is really what you are buying – you are buying a proven shortcut, as well as thousands of words of manuals on how to operate, clean, fix, set up, sell, move and wow with it too. ?

How much does it all cost?

Each package is different and is based on the activity.  Don’t worry though, it isn’t going to keep you up at night – the cost reflects the value of the equipment and how much time you will save in gaining the knowledge early.  Our packages start from just £2,000 with financing options from just £98 a month.  You then join the ADNetwork that keeps you up to date with manuals, tips and tricks, weekly round up, access to the community as well as the refresh options available for your equipment. ✊

We look forward to sharing our vision with you.


Ash + Alex