Nerf Wars Parties

Our Nerf Wars parties are the Talk of the Class.

Our Nerf Wars parties are the Talk of the Class. Let us take full control of the event, so you can sit back, enjoy, and celebrate with your kids. With hundreds of Nerf Parties under our belts, we’ve spent years refining our parties to create the very best Scotland has to offer.

90 minutes of games, all carefully suited to your child’s age group and ability, our highly trained team will shout, cheer, and guide the kids through the games, ensuring every guest has an incredible time.

We bring everything needed for the party, from guns and glasses, to darts, as well as quick set-up barriers for the kids to hide behind, saving you the time and energy of finding a venue.

Our goal is to make this the easiest and most enjoyable birthday party you’ve ever organised, from first contact with our team in the office to party-day organisation with our staff on the ground.

Our Nerf Wars parties start from £200. We have different packages from Birthday Packages to Youth Group Packages. If a nerf war party sounds like the perfect thing for your kid’s next birthday, drop us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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Our Nerf Wars parties start from £200.
We have different packages from Birthday Packages to Youth Group Packages so drop us an email and let us know your requirements.

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Got a hall in mind?  Let us know – we love using new venues!


Should I buy prizes for the kids?

We do not recommend buying prizes for your nerf party. Some kids can be very competitive and get upset if they don’t win/get a prize so we try and keep the party as impartial as possible to keep the fun levels as high as possible!

Can I have food in the hall after or will that disturb clear up?

It is no problem at all to have food in the hall afterwards. We can quickly and easily clear all the equipment to the side to allow you to have space to set up! Most parties we attend are 2 hours long – we run Nerf for the first hour and a half and then that leaves you 30 mins for food afterwards! (Top tip – invite parents 15 mins early – that way, if kids are starting to get restless after food, parents can take them away!!)

Will the Activity Delivered leader join in the games?

Our team never join in on the games – we shout, encourage and cheer from the sidelines while guiding them through – we have found (after running over 1000 parties) if we do join in, we end up becoming a target and it is much more difficult to lead the kids well from game to game! Don’t worry though, we are still really engaged with each game, making sure that everyone is having loads of fun!

Do you provide obstacles for the kids to hide behind?

We do provide obstacles for the kids to hide behind. There will be 3 on each side of the playing field. Please be aware that we do not use inflatables obstacles anymore as we had kids jumping on top of them and hurting themselves, instead we use fold out barriers which have camouflage throws on them. They are simple but perfect for our parties!

How many different games do you play?

For the first half of the party, we will play 4 different games. We will always start with the first game being very simple so kids can get to grips with using the guns and also understand the rules. In the first game, no-one goes out when they get hit. After we are happy that the kids have understood everything we will do a variation of games which include kids having to work together to get their team mates back in the game. 

The second half we play a game called Doctor which allows all the kids to be the doctor. This is a very popular game!

How many team members do you send?

We send one team member. Our highly trained team are very used to managing a room full of excited kids by themselves!  It is always fun to have parents join in and this can help manage the chaos a little too but either way, the kids will have a great time and our team will make sure everyone has a great time!

Can I give the kids food in the half way break?

We strongly advise against the kids eating food in the half way break, as when they start running around again, they can end up feeling ill and missing out! Please keep the food to the end of the nerf party.

What guns are used as part of your standard package?

We use jolt guns as part of our standard package. We use these as we often find that bigger guns can be a struggle for younger kids. With a lot of our parties we are asked whether smaller siblings can join in and this way they can.  We do have an option to upgrade your package for older kids to bigger guns!

Would you recommend upgrading to the mega guns if the kids are all 7 years plus?

If all the kids at your party are 7 years +, we strongly advise upgrading to our mega guns. These are much more exciting for the kids and also hold 6 bullets at a time meaning they’ll never miss a shot!

Can parents join in?

Yes! We recommend parents join in – It makes it more fun for everyone involved! In your package, you get two parents included free!

What happens if my party co-ordinator is sick on the day?

We have NEVER not turned up to a party! We always have someone on call at weekends encase one of our team take sick. 

Nerf Wars

“Thanks Alex for a truly memorable party for my 6 year old. Ben had a ball, as did his friends and even the mums and dads enjoyed letting of some steam in the adults V kids battle at the end! Highly recommend you to everyone!”

Tessa Jones
Tessa JonesEdinburgh