Our new barriers – a new learning experience


Another busy week and another small update about how we are moving forward to provide the best events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife.

Recently we updated our barriers for our Nerf Wars. Our old barriers worked ok but just didn’t look great!! We wanted something that looked good, was simple to transport and most importantly quick to put up and take down. We do not want to have to have longer hall hires just so we can set up.

The new barriers are made up of 4-concertinaed sections that stand about a metre high. These new barriers make for some very interesting game play.

They may look very simple and you know what – they are! But because of that they are so diverse! We are now able to run new Nerf games where our players can set up the barriers however they like! It adds team building, strategy and learning from their mistakes into the game! The barriers are no longer just something to hide behind anymore, they are now a vital piece of learning equipment that your child can use, learn from and adapt to suit the game play!

Now this may all sound very complicated, they are just barriers and we know that too but by allowing your child this opportunity to explore trial and error is a small step on their road to success! Ann Gordon, the writer of ‘Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Education’ says that

“Make it safe to make a mistake. Children learn from their own actions and their own experiences” (Gordon, 2010, 289)

This is a great safe environment for your child and his friends to have fun, to learn and to go away with a small lesson in trial and error!

As we use our barriers for all our parties coming up we will do the same – we will learn and change them if we need to! But we know that this will add a new dynamic and learning experience for your young ones!


Footnote: A Gordon, K Browne, Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Education, Wadsworth, Belmont, 2010, p289

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