Should you have a Child-Free Wedding?

Should You Have a Child-Free Wedding?

“Should I have a child-free wedding?” This is a question many ask themselves before their big day, and it’s often the cause of great concern and worry. If you have children at your wedding will the parents be able to enjoy themselves properly? Will it take away from the celebration? And on the flip side, if you have a child-free wedding might you offend people? Might some of your close family and friends not attend without their children?

If you’ve been fretting over these sorts of questions, we’ve got a list of pros and cons to help you make up your mind!

Having a Child-Free Wedding: Pros


Weddings are often expensive occasions and it can be tricky to fit everything you want in with your budget. This can be further complicated with the inclusion of children who will need to be catered for. Childrens’ meals won’t be as much as those of your adult guests, but it can add up quickly!



Children can be extremely cute, but they can also be disruptive and mischievous – especially when they’ve spent a day sitting through ceremonies and speeches. This can cause issues for the overall atmosphere of your wedding day, and could affect the enjoyment of both yourself and the parents if they are preoccupied with disruptive kids, spending less time celebrating as a result.


Limited Venues

There are lots of great wedding venues out there, but not all are suitable for children or can cater for them. If there’s somewhere you’ve got your heart set on for a wedding but would be impractical to have kids present then you might lean towards having a child-free wedding rather than finding a different venue.


Travel Expenses

For your wedding day it’s common to invite family and friends from far and wide. For some parents the additional cost of bringing their children could be too much, especially if the wedding is abroad or over multiple days. Having a child-free wedding would take this additional expense out of the equation.



Having a Child-Free Wedding: Cons

Lost Memories

Weddings are amazing places for making memories with those you love most, including your little nephews, nieces and children of friends! You miss the chance to create these memories if they are not there in the first place.


Fun factor!

Weddings are, above all, celebrations, and celebrations are meant to be fun! Excluding children from your wedding can reduce this element, making the occasion feel a little more sanitised as a result.


Causing Offence

Whilst it’s important to remember that your wedding day is precisely that – your day – it’s worth keeping in mind that you might offend those closest to you by saying they cannot bring their children. This can also reduce the sense of joy they get from the day if they can’t share it with their kids, and you might offend the children themselves if they don’t understand why they aren’t invited!


It’s a Wedding!

An important factor! Weddings aren’t about everything going perfectly and running from start to finish with brutal efficiency. They’re about celebrating one of the biggest days you could possibly have with the people who are closest to you. Factor this in when thinking about your wedding choices.

Wedding planning can be a minefield of conundrums and concerns. The most important thing to remember when making decisions about how you want your day to be is to consider what will make the day the most special it can possibly be? What will allow you to enjoy it the most? Once you know this then the rest will fall into place.

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