Team Leader

 Innovative Activities provided throughout Scotland

My name is Alex, the founder of Activity Delivered. I graduated with an Honours Degree in Youth Work and have spent four years working with young people and the local community in Edinburgh.

After my position working with a local charity in high schools ran out of funding I looked to self fund myself while still engaging and working alongside young people to allow them to reach their full potential.

We began with one sport – Airsoft, and we have quickly expanded to offer more than just that! We now have 5 activities we offer and work with all age groups allowing everyone to take part in our unique experiences.

All our staff are involved in working with young people all over Scotland, providing support to struggling students, working along side young people from broken homes, helping assist them in gaining new skills and much more. Our goal is that by providing activities with us allows them to continue to give invaluable support to the young people of Scotland and soon the UK.


Because of our amazing team of staff who all have years of experience working with young people, we know that the quality of our events are of the highest standard. The skills in communication you learn from working with young people are very easily translated into running events with adults too and we believe that it is our staff who make our activities as good as they are.

Our activities are new, fresh and constantly evolving. We want to be on the cutting edge of developing and bringing new sports to Scotland.

We are hugely invested in providing the very best customer service to our clients.

We are excited to continue to be pushing the boundaries of new and exciting activities and leading the way in provides top class activities with a focus on a professional delivery to all of the UK.